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Welcome to Dieter Rest

one of the most innovative companies in Germany concerning the sectors punching technology and tool construction.

By combining modern punching automation and progression tools, the highest qualities are guaranteed. More than 45 years of experience as a high-performing specialist prove our competence in stainless steel processing.

You have the idea – we provide the planning and implementation out of one hand: First the design and development, then the construction of the tools and finally the series production including surface finishing and assembly.

Kindly get more information on our internet page or call us under +49 (0)2932 96170. Our experts like to answer your questions and inquiries at any time.

Our Company

"Dieter Rest" was founded in the year 1971. Today it is a highly innovative company for tool construction and steel punching. With a team of approximately 100 specialists, we are known for finding solutions for most challenging problems. We start where others gave up. From the design to the development; from the prototype construction to the series production as well as surface fininishing at your request, assembly and logistics − in this company you get certificated quality out of one hand. The modern tape processing of different materials enables us to manufacture high-quality parts and components like e.g. drainage grates and collars for the sanitary sector and structure parts for the automotive sector. But also in sectors like industry and building technology, air freight, food industry, agricultural machinery, bike assessories, household appliances, solar technology, heating manufacturing and many more, are continuously delivered from individual series to mass series.

The manufacturing of parts out of NE-metals and the automotive sector get more and more important. "Dieter Rest" is in almost every industrial sector the competent partner for further development − a partner who enables the series production within very short after the development. Throughout Europe and even worldwide more and more customers profit from our delivery reliability. Our aim is to provide excellent service at any time.

We enlarged to an area of more than 5.000 square meters office, production and storage facility. The absolute Centerpiece is our 4.000 kN punching machine with patented Servo-technology. Concerning sustainable and future-locking generation and use of energy Dieter Rest puts also its focus on high-quality technologies. In this matter we run a block heating station in addition to photovoltaics.

Quality & Services

• Design & development
• Tool construction
• Center for wire eroding
• Punching department

You have the idea − we provide the planning and implementation out of one hand: First the design and development, then the construction of the tools and finally the series production and assembly. Customer satisfaction and delivery reliability are the most important key factors for us. A constant product quality is guaranteed by the certification after the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

This success has its reasons. It is the result of the qualification and the performance of all our employees. From the inquiries to the order processing by a process-orientated organization and modern technique, we succeed in customer satisfaction.

We use:
• CAD / CAM Systems
• CNC controlled milling machine
• Punching machine up to 4.000 kN pressure

Thanks to our more than 45 years of experience in processing stainless steel, steel and NE-metals we proved our competence in the development phase to numerous nameable customers.

We manufacture bending, drawing, punching and progression tools with a length up to 2.500 mm. The high quality of our tools is realized by the input of our skilled and professional employees, who are mostly exercised from our company.

The treatment of metal sheets on modern punching machines with a pressure up to 4.000 kN is mostly done with progression tools. These tools guarantee a production in best quality. Several fast-running punching machines and inserting machines complete the picture of our punching department.

For bending, drawing, punching or finishing surfaces – we are the right partner for punching techniques.




We are proud being a highly motivated and dynamic team, optimally qualified and with special skills.

Dieter Rest GmbH
Borkshagenstraße 7
D-59757 Arnsberg

Tel: +49 (0) 29 32 - 96 17 0
Fax: +49 (0) 29 32 - 96 17 50